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How to Turn a Crisis into Cash

The world has gone mad, and it's not "business as usual." Far from it!  Do you have it what it takes to survive... or better... to thrive?  Watch this dynamic discussion between Vision CEO, Laura DiBenedetto and Create Honesty Founder, Michelle Mercier, where we peel back the layers of what it takes to be successful and give you five powerful success strategies you can put to work right away. Join us now for your chance to uncover the secrets!

How to Know When to Pivot, Punch Out, or Persevere

When obstacles come between you and your business goals, what should you do? In Vision University’s interview with Kristi Holt, we have a powerful discussion about the three options available to entrepreneurs: pivot, punch out, or persevere. We also discuss the healthy mindset of “emotional intelligence” required to make the hard calls. Join us and learn how to make these tough calls for your business.

How to Get Your Company in the News

Laura DiBenedetto sits down with Brad Kane, Editor for Worcester Business Journal, to talk about creating partnerships with the media, including the kind of stories and pitches that get them excited and the right tact needed to build a good relationship. Also learn how these relationships have made the WBJ one the best business journals in the country, despite its smaller size and budget.

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