Julia Becker Collins


Julia is an accomplished speaker featured on podcasts and online webinars, pulling from her 15 years of experience in business strategy, marketing, and leadership as well as her personal triumphs and obstacles to educate the next generation of women in business.

She is the Chief Operating Officer at Vision Advertising, a women-owned marketing agency located in Massachusetts. Recently returning from medical leave due to thyroid cancer, she’s quickly plunged back into business while continuing treatment and shares lessons learned from her obstacles. To discuss booking Julia, please reach out and book a discovery call

Julia’s speaker sheet

Worcester Business Journal

In this cover WBJ article, Julia discusses her cancer diagnosis and the challenges she's had to face this year.

Modern Money

Julia shared tips for anyone dealing with the health care system during COVID and what it was like for her to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer without a single symptom.

Training For Ultra

Julia joins the Training for Ultra team to discuss her past Ultras, her current battle with thyroid cancer, and guiding her business into the future.

Humanizing Social Media

We discuss how advertising is more than a Facebook post. Julia shares the challenges she has faced as a woman in a male-dominated industry.

The Resilient Entrepreneur

Learn the key ways that Julia has set boundaries, stayed true to herself and persevered through unthinkable situations.

Momentum Magnet

Karen Morales welcomes Julia Becker Collins, an endurance athlete and the COO at Vision Advertising to shed some light on what to do when life throws you a curveball.

Run to Thrive

Julia sits down with Matt Mills to talk about how running can teach you about overcoming moments of crisis, from managing a business to personal life.

Quit Bleeping Around

Julia discusses her year of beating obstacles from a cancer diagnosis to maintaining her company during a pandemic. She shares tips for finding success when life pushes you down.

Worcester Business Journal

Julia Becker Collins talks about her experience securing relief and the big problem with categorizing small biz in this Worcester Business Journal article.

Trail Running Women

In 2020, Julia was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. The COVID-19 crisis complicated matters as she had to navigate the healthcare system and help ensure the financial security of her company, Vision Advertising.

Bob Cargill’s Marketing Show

Julia talks with marketer Bob Cargill about her “work hard, play hard” spirit and the obstacles her 2014 medical emergencies catapulted her into marathon running.

Claim the Stage

Julia is a guest on Angela Lussier's podcast and shares her 4 minutes of truth. She shares what it's like to battle thyroid cancer and how it's caused her to slow down.

Hustle and Grow

Julia joins Julianna Joyce in a 1:1 interview to provide advice to young women entrepreneurs, from the best career learning experiences to leadership styles.

Breakthrough Walls

How does your history influence your business? Julia and Ken Walls talk about her formative years from school to moving, and how that impacted her leadership. 

Book Julia to Speak 

Julia is an experienced speaker on topics ranging from executive leadership to how endurance athletics impact business. If you’re interested in booking Julia as your keynote speaker, as your podcast guest, for a live interview, or to present a professional webinar or workshop, reach out today!

Topics Include:

  • Making Social Media Work for You
  • Crisis Management
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Why You Need a Marketing strategy
  • What Long-Distance Running Tells You About Business
  • Tips from an Endurance Athlete About Overcoming Adversity
  • Investing in an Internship Program
  • The Best Use of Marketing with your Resources
  • Leadership Transitions
  • How to Network
  • The Value of Saying "No"